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Facial expression AI will help your computer to understand you

Ah, but do we really want our computers to understand us? Anybody remember ‘Clippy’?

Computer: “You seem depressed today, should I Google Dr Kevorkian for you?”

Or will the clerks at the local retail store start wearing cameras with emotion recognizing software? A bit of customer understanding by the help would go a long way in many a business.

Researchers at the Department of Artificial Intelligence (DIA) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s School of Computing (FIUPM) have, in conjunction with Madrid’s Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, developed an algorithm that is capable of processing 30 images per second to recognize a person’s facial expressions in real time and categorize them as one of six prototype expressions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.

Applying the facial expression recognition algorithm, the developed prototype is capable of processing a sequence of frontal images of moving faces and recognizing the person’s facial expression. The software can be applied to video sequences in realistic situations and can identify the facial expression of a person seated in front of a computer screen. Although still only a prototype, the software is capable of working on a desktop computer or even on a laptop. [ read more Facial Expression Recognition Software ]

How ever emotion recognition software gets used in the future this software is bound to be fun.

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