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Pyevolve Open Source Python Genetic Algorithm Code

Pyevolve was developed to be a complete genetic algorithm framework written in pure python, the main objectives of Pyevolve is:

* written in pure python, to maximize the cross-platform issue;
* easy to use API, the API must be easy for end-user;
* see the evolution, the user can and must see and interact with the evolution statistics, graphs and etc;
* extensible, the API must be extensible, the user can create new representations, genetic operators like crossover, mutation and etc;
* fast, the design must be optimized for performance;
* common features, the framework must implement the most common features: selectors like roulette wheel, tournament, ranking, uniform. Scaling schemes like linear scaling, etc;
* default parameters, we must have default operators, settings, etc in all options;
* open-source, the source is for everyone, not for only one.

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